soloMegan Houde fell in love with music at ripe old age of 2.  Since she was partially deaf, this proved to be more challenging than you might think.  By wrapping her arms and legs around the base of the piano she was able to learn by osmosis… or is it diffusion?  One of those… Anyway, after the ear affliction was rectified with tubes, the music train just kept on rolling.  Singing became her means of expressing her inner artiste.  School concerts, church cabarets, open mics; they were all suitable venues for perfecting her craft.  However she needed something else to add to her arsenal of talent.  Seeing her brothers and father played guitar, it was only natural that she’d want to play too.  Besides, it’s hard to strap  a piano to your chest and rock! (perhaps polka though) So, through hours of tireless work she was able to hone her musical skills into a career.  Between solo gigs, shows with her cover band Megan and the Brats, and a plethora of celebrity impersonators Megan keeps pretty busy.  However it is The American Longboards, that lovable bunch of beach bums, that Megan finds most inspiring.  Perhaps it’s her love of the “California Sun”, spending a quiet night “Under the Boardwalk” or just sending out those “Good Vibrations” that connect her to The American Longboard’s show.  Whatever it is, she’ll be “out there having fun” and she’d love to bring you along!

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