Reviews of the American Longboards’ Performances

“Once they hear you, they won’t forget you.”Richard Nordmeyer


Performance at Castleton, Vermont, August, 2013

“BRING THEM BACK – MOST DEFINITELY.” This request was heard time and time again from the thoroughly entertained concertgoers at the Castleton, Vermont Summer Concert Series – after Joey Pucci and the American Longboards gave a masterful performance on August 6th, 2013.

“WITHOUT A DOUBT -ONE OF THE VERY BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD” was also often heard and with over 200 concerts in the past 18 years that Castleton has held summer concerts, this is certainly proof enough that Joey and the American Longboards are right at the top of the list!

Their performance was stellar. From the very first note to the last drum beat – the American Longboards epitomizes what a professional musical concert production is all about. Joey Pucci is a drummer beyond words. He is a drummer extraordinaire because he is so very talented and gifted. Joey is surrounded by four other outstanding musicians and vocalists. The music and stage presence of the American Longboards absolutely enthralled the audience the entire evening. Their song selection was perfect as the concertgoers sang along with every piece that was played.

“Bring them back” is the cry filling the air all over Castleton. They are one of the very best bands to ever play Castleton. The band will definitely be back!!!”

Richard Nordmeyer


Performance at The Lake House Restaurant and Lodge, Richfield Springs, New York, September, 2013

“On behalf of Chris, Gene, and all the staff, I want to say thank you for a fantastic show last night at the Lakehouse. We are all looking forward to your return next season and wish you success on all of  your upcoming shows. Can you let me know when your CD is scheduled for release? I really want a copy. Here are some other comments from the staff and audience.”

Respectfully, Dean


“This dude is GOOD…. REAL GOOD. I’ve seen around 150 concerts including some of the most famous bands/drummers on the planet. I’m so happy I had a chance to watch Joey do his thing.”


“THE HAMMER- that’s Joey Pucci performing with his band, The American Longboards. I’ve seen all of the great drummers in concert. Joey is among the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching perform live. I play drums too.. wish I had his left.”


“The American Longboards -this band ROCKS the house. They are all very talented. It was pure pleasure to watch Meg’s performance.”

“Saw your show in Richfield Springs, New York and was surprised. I enjoyed it so much. Joey looked like he was having a great time and I know I was. Will keep track of your band and will come again when you are in my area. Thank you.”  


“Keep rocking. These guys are spot on with the Beach Boys.”

Albert Gray


Performance at Look Park, Florence, Massachusetts,

 September, 2013

“AWESOME show at Look Park. Had a great time. THANK YOU. :-)”

Rosemary (Veterans of MA)


Performance at Henrico Theater,  Richmond, Virginia, June, 2013

“I just left the Henrico Theater in Virginia where you performed, You are awesome. What a drummer you are and I thoroughly enjoyed you and the whole band. I also want to mention that I think it is great that you always remind the women in the audience to get their mammograms.  I love the way you remember your mother and now your father. You can feel the love you have for them both.  Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your band. I hope to see you again real soon.”


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