At the age of 12 Eric discovered his fathers home made Short Wave Radio. Given the strict ‘no touch’ rule instilled upon the device, he would sneak into the study after everyone had gone to bed and with headphones start flipping through the channels. It was then that he started a fascination with some very different things – the BBC Broadcasts of Classical Guitarist Julian Bream and the home broadcasts that would play everything from Led Zeppelin to Funk and Disco.

By 14, armed with a pocket ‘full’ of cash from his paper route he bought his first Classical and Bass guitars from some diligent Garage Sale hunting. From that day on both instruments where near permanent fixtures in his hands. By 17 he was performing in local bands with members nearly twice his age and was an in demand ‘fill in’ and session player – due mostly to his wide appreciation for most any genre of music and ability to adapt to most any style.

In his 20’s he began his focus on performing original music and furthering his experience’s in Classical Guitar. This lead to nearly a decade of traveling and performing throughout  the U.S. and Europe with tours with his band Le Cadeau, Classical Guitar Competitions and many resident studies with Classical Guitarists abroad and in the U.S. – including private studies with Italian Master Lorenzo Micheli and Sharon Isbin of the Julliard School of Music.

Along with performing with the American Longboards Eric is also an active teacher of Bass, Classical Guitar and Electric Guitar and performs regularly as a Classical soloist or in ensemble.

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